Blue Wolf seeks to invest responsibly, act with transparency, and lead by example. Whether in a spinoff of a corporate division, the restructuring of a nonprofit entity, a merger of entrepreneurial businesses, the transition of a family owned company to institutional ownership, or rebuilding a company emerging from bankruptcy, we strive to lead our portfolio companies through transformational change to build a foundation for strategic and sustained growth.

As active, engaged owners, we partner with strong management teams to achieve lead operational excellence, and strategic clarity, and to implement an approach to investing that seeks to create value by recognizing our workforce and communities as important stakeholders.  In addition, we support the development of our portfolio company CEOs and management teams through peer group summits that focus on strategic issues.

"Blue Wolf had the vision to commit when most investors were running for the exits."

"The market was begging for world class management and capital to rebuild."

"World class operations are the price of admission in our markets."

"Our customers needed us to get into the 21st century – fast."

Both in structuring an investment and in working with management after the investment is made, Blue Wolf brings a collaborative approach to strategy and structure.

We integrate new approaches to regulatory and environmental compliance into a company’s business plan. In addition to conventional business relationships, we have deep experience with innovative partnerships: we have created successful alliances between our portfolio companies and government agencies as well as trade associations, nonprofit organizations and unions. Our experience managing collective bargaining, pension, environmental and regulatory issues – and our track record of close collaboration with our portfolio companies – is critical to our ability to create successful outcomes.

“After 50 years as a family business, we needed the right partner.”

“When you are the largest employer in the county, every decision has to be the right one.”

"Blue Wolf’s commitment to responsible investing built Northern Pulp while competitors were closing."

"When the Province helped us buy 475,000 acres of timberland, we stabilized the industry."

Blue Wolf doesn’t invest passively in a business and rely on market fundamentals to realize a positive outcome. We partner with companies to guide transformational change in environments characterized by both risk and opportunity – because transformation is a skill.

It requires carefully defining a company’s current state and having a vision for the future with a clear strategy to chart the course.  Our investment team partners closely with seasoned operating partners so we can be an effective partner to management. We bring well developed tools to manage governance, cost structure, strategy and operations, as well as employee and external relationships.

We also ensure that portfolio company CEOs and management teams have a peer group to share best-practices and focus on strategic issues – because their development and growth is key to our success.

“When Healthcare Laundry Systems changed from a not-for-profit to a business, we worked with managers, customers and employees – once we got them aligned, the business took off."

"Everyone wanted the company to succeed – we gave them the tools to do it."

Forging a constructive relationship between employees and management isn’t just good for business – it’s the right thing to do.

Blue Wolf has extensive relationships with the leadership of international, national and regional unions. We have participated in the successful negotiation of dozens of collective bargaining agreements, including agreements reached in the context of change-of-control transactions. Many of these agreements contained profit-sharing, productivity-enhancement, ESOP, and similar provisions. Some have been in bankruptcy or pre-bankruptcy situations.

“Our entire region needed us to get it right – and Blue Wolf backed us up.”

“Tim and his team knew how to run the operations – they needed partners with capital and commitment”

Blue Wolf’s experience with government allows us to assess and manage complex situations where other investors may turn away.

We work with government contractors and companies in industries driven by government procurement, policies or incentives – all of which we specialize in addressing. The participation of federal, state and local governments and governmental agencies often means unpredictable cash flows. This can lead to unusual financing challenges. We have the experience, and the track record, to grow businesses in the context of these challenges.

"Blue Wolf found a way to build a business
State objectives in neighborhoods where
medicaid is important."

"The demand was there – but no one in Brooklyn had the capital to meet it."