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Our core values enable us to achieve superior returns for our investors and sustainable profitability for our portfolio companies. Although we often invest in companies that have faced challenges, we strive to create businesses that generate value and have a long term, positive impact on society through sustainable growth, innovation, meaningful employment and environmental responsibility.

We strive to maximize risk adjusted returns for our limited partners and other stakeholders by investing responsibly. We support the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) and integrate environmental, social, regulatory and governance risk assessments into our investment process. This approach leads to successful and sustainable results.

We establish governance structures at our portfolio companies intended to ensure oversight of key aspects of their operations, specifically with regard to audit, risk management and conflicts of interest. We seek to implement compensation policies that firmly align the interests of owners, management and employees.

We promote a culture of continuous improvement that cuts across efficiency, productivity, competition, occupational safety, environmental impact and the relentless daily execution of tasks, projects and initiatives.

We are an active partner to our portfolio companies, acknowledging our share of the responsibility for their success. We act with honesty and integrity, working to earn the trust of the various constituencies that are often present in our most challenging and complex investments.

We hold our portfolio companies accountable to act with similar integrity and demand a higher standard of conduct, not merely settling for compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and other applicable laws.

A diverse workforce, a diversity of perspectives and a diversity of business practices are fundamental to our value creation mission.

We value our employees and the employees of our portfolio companies, working alongside them and their labor unions as respected partners in the business.

We believe in compliance with all applicable state, local and federal labor laws. We believe in providing a safe and healthy work environment, paying fair wages and benefits, eliminating all forms of workplace discrimination and ensuring that no investments are made in companies that utilize forced or child labor.

We are transparent about our activities and those of our portfolio companies and are available to our investors and portfolio companies at all times. We are partners with our investors and our portfolio companies and always provide them with timely information on portfolio company matters we believe are important to them.