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Healthcare represents nearly 20% of the U.S. economy. It’s a fragmented sector that is inefficiently regulated and inefficiently operated. Our investments in this space are driven by the beliefs that there are countless opportunities to deliver better care and better outcomes than are typical in our existing system, and that those with the courage to act will both achieve outsized returns and help solve one of the most vexing challenges facing the U.S.

At Blue Wolf’s largest investment, we put this insight to work, building one of the country’s largest providers of home-based care from three strong regional players – bringing technology, scale, and clinical infrastructure to 31,000 caregivers assisting 63,000 patients. We believe that by deploying thousands of homecare workers to provide a continuum of care to the most vulnerable patients, the health system can be dramatically improved.

These conditions – as well as numerous others that healthcare companies in our portfolio address on a daily basis – represent opportunities to enhance healthcare services. Our multidisciplinary leadership team includes veteran hospital CEOs and healthcare operations experts, as well as members with deep experience in the largest private sector retiree health plan in the U.S.

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Healthcare Laundry Systems

Healthcare team

Richard Becker, MD
CEO, Brooklyn Hospital JV
Former CEO, The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Tina Blasi
Strategic  Advisor, Blue Wolf Capital

Adam Blumenthal
Managing Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Dave Borden
CEO, Pharmaceutical Strategies Group

Tom Byers
CEO, ModernMD™ Urgent Care

Katherine Carrington
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Paul DiCosmo
CEO, StateServ Holdings LLC

Scott Herman
Enterprise CEO, Great Lakes/National Home/Jordan Health

Jared Isenstein
Associate, Blue Wolf Capital

Jeremy Kogler
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Michael Musuraca
Strategic  Advisor, Blue Wolf Capital

Vijay Nandwani
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Adam Nielsen
CEO, Great Lakes Caring

Chad Trull
President, Hospicelink

Richard Winegar
Lead Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Richard Wright
Strategic Advisor to Blue Wolf Capital
President, Wright Transaction Advisors, LLC


Forest & Building Products

Blue Wolf’s successful investments and relationships with operators, unions, and experts across the forest and building products supply chain gives us unique insights into value creation in the industry.

Since 2007, when we acquired Finch Paper Company, Blue Wolf has developed significant experience investing in pulp, paper, lumber and other forest products. Following the investment in Finch, we acquired Northern Resources Nova Scotia (pulp and timber), Suwannee Lumber Company (lumber), Caddo River Forest Products (lumber), and The Mulch and Soil Company (mulch and soils) and Twin Rivers Paper Company (pulp, paper and lumber). Following the housing crash in 2009, we followed this value stream into building products with investments in American Builders Supply (building products distribution), Snappy Air Distribution Products (HVAC systems), and Novo Building Products (building products distribution).

The rebound in U.S. home building is rapidly changing the forest and building products landscape and is serving as a catalyst for transactions. The impact of the forest products industry on the land and environment creates opportunities for our companies to differentiate themselves, with a goal of exceptional management of environmental issues. Our core values of continuous improvement and respect for our workforce allow us to operate productive and safe workplaces, in sectors where that commitment is truly a competitive advantage. Our existing platforms are seeking to grow by acquisition, and we actively evaluate new platforms throughout the value chain.

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The Mulch and Soil Company

Forest & Building Products team

Chad Barton
Former Chairman, American Builders Supply

Brett Bray
General Manager, Caddo River Forest Products

Frank “Bump” Faircloth
Chairman, Suwannee Lumber Company

Rob Groberg
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Jim Langdale
Founder, Pannon Enterprises, LLC

Michael Mayrand
Associate, Blue Wolf Capital

Bob McKagen
CEO, Suwannee Lumber Company

Charlie Miller
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Debabrata Mukherjee
President & CEO, Finch Paper Company

William Myrick
Former CEO, American Builders Supply

Benfield Phillips
Strategic Advisor, Blue Wolf Capital

Michael Ranson
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

James Shovlin
Senior Associate, Blue Wolf Capital

Robert Snyder
CEO, Twin Rivers Paper Company

Chris Thomas
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital


Energy Services

As a result of the decline in both oil and natural gas prices since 2014, the domestic energy industry experienced duress not seen since the early 1980s. Although prices have recovered, many companies that are vital to the U.S. energy supply were disrupted and now face a need to recapitalize and rebuild.

Against a backdrop of ongoing volatility, our knowledge of the sector coupled with our experience rebuilding organizations make us a preferred partner for companies with strong franchises facing these issues.

At companies like Extreme Plastics Plus, which we acquired 2016, and Petrosmith, acquired in 2017, Blue Wolf’s deep investment experience with special situations, including companies in need of capital for restructuring in and outside of Chapter 11, helped us partner with  partnering with management teams who wanted to emerge stronger from the downturn.

In 2016, we formalized our longstanding relationship with K2 Energy Capital, combining our special situations expertise with K2’s extensive energy investment experience to create a team that can provide companies in the energy sector with desperately needed investment capital and strategic guidance.

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Energy Services team

Katherine Carrington
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Wade Holt
COO, Extreme Plastics Plus

Kevin Kuykendall
Strategic Advisor, Energy

Charlie Miller
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Aakash Patel
Principal, Blue Wolf Capital

Michael Ranson
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Cliff Smith
CEO, Petrosmith


Niche Manufacturing & Distribution

Blue Wolf frequently invests in niche manufacturing and distribution businesses in a variety of sectors. We look for opportunities where our core competencies - organizational transformation, operating discipline, and management of government, labor, or other complex constituencies - make us a natural partner for a strong management team in a business with a defensible value proposition.

Our niche investments include manufacturers and distributors of capital equipment, specialty ceramics, paper, lumber, and a variety of specialty building products, with strong franchises. While some businesses come with significant issues requiring a resolution – financial distress, a complex corporate carve out, a transition from family ownership, or a need to make costs competitive through deep operational change – others are simply seeking a capital partner, with deep operational and strategic experience, committed to growth.

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Healthcare Laundry Systems

Niche Manufacturing & Distribution team

Jason Kamm
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Vijay Nandwani
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Michael Ranson
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Rick Tattersfield
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital and Chairman, Pearl Technologies, Inc.

Robert Tewksbury
Board Member, Pearl Technologies, Inc.

Chris Thomas
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital and Former CEO & CFO, Snappy Air Distribution Products

Richard Winegar
Lead Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital