When success means both unlocking and increasing value, Blue Wolf’s unique and disciplined approach to investing seeks to set out a reliable path to delivering favorable results.

The keys to unlocking value are to develop a strategic, profitable, prudent and market-responsive plan to release and generate sustainable value; to apply rigorous attention to operational improvement and accelerated change; and to orchestrate respectful, constructive negotiations towards alignment of stakeholders’ interests.

Companies need resources to succeed in the face of structural change within an industry. They must be continuously open to new partnerships and prepared to walk away from things that don’t work. We seek to unlock and create value by providing capital and supporting a strategic path for management.

Blue Wolf’s companies balance long term vision with relentless daily execution. Our team collaborates with company leadership in a disciplined process defining core business metrics that provide objective measures of performance and lay the groundwork for decisive action.

For Blue Wolf, the alignment of multiple interests is critical to building a successful business. Few private equity investors can match our record of constructive negotiation reaching innovative collective bargaining agreements with organized labor.  For the forest products industry, environmental and First Nations constituencies are highly influential; and in healthcare, consumers, academic medical centers, unions and community groups seek new paths forward in the face of structural and regulatory challenges. Similar dynamics affect the many constituencies engaged with our aerospace and defense community and in other sectors in which we seek investment opportunities.