Blue Wolf utilizes Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to make control investments in lower middle market companies in one of five sectors: healthcare, forest and building products, energy services, and industrial and engineering services. By seeking out difficult situations, whose complexity often deters other investors and obscures intrinsic value, and working closely with management to implement growth strategies, we back companies we believe can thrive over the long-term.

Our investment professionals and operating partners are not passive investors. They play a hands-on role to  develop a strategic, profitable, and market-responsive plan to generate sustainable value, bring key stakeholders together including labor, government, employees, and the surrounding community, and apply rigorous attention to operational improvement and accelerated change. Across our target sectors, we collaborate with company leadership in a disciplined process defining core business metrics and laying the groundwork for decisive action.

Whether it’s a sawmill in Glenwood, Arkansas, a healthcare company in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a paper mill in Nova Scotia, or a home care business with 32,500 caregivers across 16 states, our strategy involves more than providing capital: we help management define a path forward and make sure they have the resources to implement.