Tina Blasi

Strategic Advisor,
(703) 403-2722

Ms. Blasi is a Strategic Advisor of Healthcare at Blue Wolf Capital Partners. Throughout her career, she has proven herself as both an entrepreneur and growth-focused CEO who has combined strategic vision and financial acumen to transform healthcare companies by building a winning culture, driving innovation and mentoring world-class executives and teams. Ms. Blasi is an experienced CEO and entrepreneur with more than 30 years in the healthcare industry.

Ms. Blasi is the former CEO of Magellan NIA, the specialty solutions division of Magellan (NASDAQ: MGLN), where she led the diversification of NIA from a Radiology Benefits Management company into six specialty areas of healthcare, grew revenues 230% to over $500 million, and increased profits from $8 million to $61 million. Prior to that, she was the co-founder of Lumenos, a pioneer company in consumer-driven healthcare. Lumenos was a whiteboard start-up company that was acquired by Anthem in 2005. Ms. Blasi also spent 10 years at Value Behavioral Health in several senior executive positions and ultimately as the COO integrating multiple acquisitions.

Ms. Blasi also held leadership positions at Jurgovan and Blair, leading the development of a physician-sponsored HMO in northeastern Pennsylvania. She started her healthcare career as an entrepreneur in home healthcare as the founder of an agency in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ms. Blasi serves on the Board of Directors of Fox Rehabilitation,  Elara Caring, RHA Health Services and CQ Medical. She received a B.S. from Bloomsburg State College.