Blue Wolf Commits to Institute Employee Ownership Programs in Partnership with Ownership Works

Colson Group, A Blue Wolf Portfolio Company, Announces New Equity Participation Program

April 5, 2022 – NEW YORK – Blue Wolf has partnered with Ownership Works, a new nonprofit with a mission to increase prosperity through shared ownership at work, which launched today with the support of more than 60 partners across the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Ownership Works will develop and help implement broad-based employee ownership programs to create better work environments and financial opportunities for employees with a goal to generate at least $20 billion of wealth for working families by 2030. At the same time, Ownership Works will also help businesses improve their performance by attracting and retaining engaged employees who are invested in their company’s success. Read more about Ownership Works and Blue Wolf’s involvement as a founding partner here.

Through this partnership, Blue Wolf has made a commitment to institute employee ownership programs in at least three of our portfolio companies by the end of 2023. In alignment with that commitment, Colson Group, a Blue Wolf portfolio company, has unveiled a new equity participation program which grants employees shares in the company. Read more about Colson’s new program here.