Niche Manufacturing

Blue Wolf invests in niche manufacturing and distribution businesses in a variety of sectors. We look for opportunities where our core competencies - organizational transformation, operating discipline, and management of government, labor, or other complex constituencies - make us a natural partner for a strong management team in a business with a defensible value proposition.

Our niche investments include manufacturers and distributors of capital equipment, specialty ceramics, paper, lumber, and a variety of specialty building products, with strong franchises. While some businesses come with significant issues requiring a resolution – financial distress, a complex corporate carve out, a transition from family ownership, or a need to make costs competitive through deep operational change – others are simply seeking a capital partner, with deep operational and strategic experience, committed to growth.

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Niche Manufacturing Team

Mike Duffy
President, Petrosmith

Jason Kamm
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Richard Kobor
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital and CEO, Edge Technologies

Michael Mayrand
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Charlie Miller
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Aakash Patel
Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Mike Sutter
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Mike Trivelli
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Richard Winegar
Chief Operating Officer, Blue Wolf Capital