As a long-time owner and operator of manufacturing facilities, we understand the value proposition that distinguishes best-in-class providers of industrial and engineering services. The presence of organized labor, bonding requirements and pension obligations often presents challenges to traditional investors – we see these complexities as an opportunity to better underwrite risk and identify value.

The next decade will require substantial investment in the nation’s electric infrastructure, manufacturing base and supply chain. At the same time, tightness in the skilled labor market is stimulating demand for outsourced maintenance and repair services in mission-critical settings and solutions that minimize cost over-runs and schedule delays. Blue Wolf’s investments in the space capitalize on these trends, and benefit from the secular tailwinds of electric vehicle adoption, the green energy transition, and the shift away from brick-and-mortar retail toward e-commerce channels. The industrial & engineering services space is fragmented and often characterized by privately held companies seeking strategies to facilitate succession planning. By introducing a rigorous approach to project controls and risk management, implementing best practices around human capital management – including a relentless focus on safety – and providing the requisite capital for a disciplined growth strategy, we can partner with management teams to drive results that benefit all stakeholders.

Industrial & Engineering Services Companies