Healthcare represents nearly 20% of the U.S. economy. It’s a fragmented sector that is inefficiently regulated and inefficiently operated. Our investments in this space are driven by the beliefs that there are countless opportunities to deliver better care and better outcomes than are typical in our existing system, and that those with the courage to act will both achieve outsized returns and help solve one of the most vexing challenges facing the U.S.

At Blue Wolf’s largest investment, we put this insight to work, building one of the country’s largest providers of home-based care from three strong regional players – bringing technology, scale, and clinical infrastructure to 31,000 caregivers assisting 63,000 patients. We believe that by deploying thousands of homecare workers to provide a continuum of care to the most vulnerable patients, the health system can be dramatically improved. These conditions – as well as numerous others that healthcare companies in our portfolio address on a daily basis – represent opportunities to enhance healthcare services. Our multidisciplinary leadership team includes veteran hospital CEOs and healthcare operations experts, as well as members with deep experience in the largest private sector retiree health plan in the U.S.