Healthcare represents nearly 20% of the U.S. economy*. We believe it is a fragmented sector that is inefficiently regulated and inefficiently operated. Our investments in this space are driven by the beliefs that there are countless opportunities to deliver better care and better outcomes than are typical in our existing system, and that those with the courage to act will both may achieve outsized returns and help solve one of the most vexing challenges facing the U.S.

* Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

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Healthcare Team

Tina Blasi
Strategic Advisor, Blue Wolf Capital

Adam Blumenthal
Managing Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Darby Brockette
CEO, ClearSky Health LLC

Tom Byers
CEO, ModernMD™ Urgent Care

Jeanne Duncan
CEO, RHA Health Services

Dr. Tim Fox
Founder, Advisor to the Practice, Co-chair Board of Directors, Fox Rehabilitation

Bennet Grill
Principal, Blue Wolf Capital

Jared Isenstein
Vice President, Blue Wolf Capital

Dr. Robyn Kjar
CEO, Fox Rehabilitation

Jeremy Kogler
Managing Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Michael Musuraca
Strategic Advisor, Blue Wolf Capital

Vijay Nandwani
Principal, Blue Wolf Capital

Scott Powers
CEO, Elara Caring

Tom Tomlinson
Operating Partner, Blue Wolf Capital

Rick Winegar
Chief Operating Officer, Blue Wolf Capital