Investment Team

Aakash Patel Principal
Katherine Carrington Vice President
Bennet Grill Vice President
Rob Groberg Vice President
Vijay Nandwani Vice President
James Shovlin Senior Associate
Michael Mayrand Senior Associate
Joseph An Associate

Fund Management

Joshua Cherry-Seto Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer
Dana Halasz Chief Administrative Officer
Patrick Leibovich Vice President of Portfolio Reporting
Maureen Boxer Office Manager

Operating Partners

Richard Winegar Lead Operating Partner
Jason Kamm Operating Partner
Don Armstrong Operating Partner
Richard Kobor Operating Partner
Alice Mann Operating Partner
Rick Tattersfield Operating Partner
Chris Thomas Operating Partner
Roger Thorne Operating Partner
Tom Tomlinson Operating Partner

Strategic Advisors

Tina Blasi Strategic Advisor, Healthcare
George Judd Strategic Advisor, Building Products and Industrial Distribution
Michael Musuraca Strategic Advisor, ESG and Labor
Kevin Kuykendall Strategic Advisor, Energy Services
Benfield Phillips Strategic Advisor, Forest & Building Products